Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feels Like Boxing Day

 Today,  feels like a Boxing Day of sorts to me.  Well - minus  the sales  and left over turkey. 

Last night I finished the final item on my Christmas knitting list.  An Easy Peasy Scarf for Fred's Step Mom.
 A stash buster for sure.  Step Mom has strawberry blond hair and wears lots of browns so this should be a hit.

Pattern:  My Own.  Cast on as many stitches as required to give you the length of scarf you want.  Here I cast on 125 but for a longer scarf, I measusre the cast on against a beach towel.
Yarn:  Lots  - at least 5-7  different yarns. Use different textures, and most importantly, different gauges to give  the scarf its thick, thin very tactile feel.
Needles:  8 or 9mm - the big needles give the scarf a very open appearance.
Instructions.  Change yarns every row leaving a tail of about 8 inches.  Every time you have two tails, tie them together. These tied tails form the fringe.  Change yarns randomly.  I keep them in a bag and reach in blindly. Whatever comes out is what I use.  The random selecting of yarns gives the scarf its wonderful, creative appearance.  Too much thought in yarn selection makes for a more controlled, disciplined scarf. 

This one, with 125 stitches, finished at 5 1/2 inches by 51 inches ( not including fringe) and  took two evenings.  So, if you are so inclined, you still have time before the big day.  But me? It's Boxing Day in my knititng world.


Sandra said...

must be nice. I got three last minute requests last night for hats, plus a few pj pants requests. why my family waits until December for these is beyond me...

Jan said...

I love it!