Monday, December 16, 2013

Moving Along.

Sweatrrr is progressing nicely. The try-on I   thought   know I should do, has been delayed.  Without a full circle for the neck, the piece slips and slides around too much to actually get a good idea of fit.  The try-on will work better once I reach centre front neck.  You can see it doesn't even reach centre front on Teddy yet.

The pattern is still a conundrum to me.   Very confusing to read, very easy to knit.  Weird!  The confusion probably stems from the issue of  mother tongue.  Perhaps English is not the designer's first language.  I am guessing at that but the way concepts are expressed in the pattern lead me to think that is the case.

One of the great design features of sweater is the faux seam incorporated into the body of the sweater, adjacent to the sleeve cap.
  Kind of like the   'two negatives make a positive theory',  the fake seam  lends authenticity to the fake  set-in sleeve, I feel.

 I expect not too many more rows to do before the left and right fronts can touch in the middle.  Originally I had thought I would make this into a cardigan, but that original thought has taken a bit of a back seat.

A pullover might be just the ticket.  Either way, I will join one centre stitch for the try-on.  Once I stand in front of the mirror,  it hopefully, will  become clear to me if  Sweatrrr should be a cardigan or pullover.  Maybe by tomorrow.

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Needles said...

It sure looks good to me! Can't wait to see what your verdict on this construction method is.