Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Not Understood Whys Of The Web

As many of you know, I do respond to  comments.  At least, when home and regularly at my computer,  I do.

But for some reason  – and if any of you know why this  happens, please let me know – some comments arrive with a header of   ’noreply’  These commenters do not receive my replies. 

I thought my replies were getting through as the emails I send out are never returned to me.  But those ‘noreply’ commenters that I personally know, like Gina or Deb,  say they never see my replies. 

Then recently, I received a most lovely comment for a reader who said something like – “I read you blog every weekend for the humour and the information.”  How kind.  I would dearly love to reply, but the comment arrived in my email box as a ‘noreply’ comment. 

So for you, my latest ‘noreply’ commenter, and all my other ‘noreply commenters, please know that I do read your comments and would love to connect with you.  Once I figure out how to do it, I will.


Yarn and Ivories said...

I guess you are to reply to the comment on the blog post page. Under the comment is reply or delete. But that only puts it on the page... I know we've replied to each other, but I guess I look up your email address. Please comment on my blog and I'll see what I have to do. (Just when you think technology is great...)

Sandra said...

it's not you. If the commenter does not have an email linked to their profile, no email for them will be available. That's when you get the no-reply header. I was one of those until I linked my email to my profile. (or did something like that - in some way, I checked a box or something that allowed my email to show.)