Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cameron Lake

Subtitled, How My World Expands Through Knitting.
Often, in my summer blog posts, you have heard me mention my knitting-friend, Ruby – owner of the Wool/Tool Shop.  That is Co-owner of the Napa Auto Parts store with husband Ray with the front corner of the store dedicated to yarn.

In semi-retirement, while in the process of  turning over of the business to son Tim, Ruby and Ray purchased a fishing lodge on Cameron Lake. 

 Four cabins for rent, a cabin for themselves

 and several boats for the fishermen.  Each year since they purchased the Lodge, we have tried to find time to go out to the lodge with them.  This year it finally worked out. 

Cameron Lake is a true northern experience.  To get there, we travelled 90 minutes by car -  the first half of which was on a  private road owned by a logging company.  By the way, municipal road crews – you could take a few lessons on road maintenance here.  The last half of the drive was on a narrow, rutted, bumpy, washboardy, forgotten road  to a forgotten town.  A ghost town.  Perhaps 30 houses and my guess would be five of them were occupied.  No store, no hospital, no school, nothing.  A hermits delight.

But a river runs through it.  Ruby’s hubby met us with the boat and the next leg of the journey was a 90 minute boat ride down river to the lake and the lodge.  Here you see Ruby, ready for the ride.  
 With this year’s drought, the river is so low that the boat had to be pulled through the water for part of the trip. 

While I have camped and ‘lodged’ on many ‘northern’ lakes, never have I stayed on one where there was absolutely no human habitation except  us.  I am still trying to decide if it was something to be cherished or feared.  It certainly gave me a better appreciation of the pioneers.

Fred certainly enjoyed the fishing.  In one day, the two husbands caught 11 Walleye (sometimes called Pickerel), the smallest being 6 inches and several decent size pike.  The  Walleye made for a delicious Fish Fry.

A great weekend and a wonderful new experience that I would never have had if it weren’t for knitting.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Sounds great! Walleye, my favorite!

Needles said...

My hubby would have died with delight at that trip!

Jan said...

What a fabulous experience!

Scott said...

What is the name of the lodge?