Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've Joined A.A. - Acrylic's Anonymous

Last fall when at London Yarn’s 20th Anniversary celebration, I spotted a great scarf. Knit in rib and on the bias which took great advantage of the glorious autumn colours in the yarn.  I couldn’t resist, even when my friend Patti-Ann told me it was Bernat Acrylic yarn.  The colours won me over.  So  I joined Acrylic’s Anonymous and purchased yarn and pattern.

Patti-Ann,  the employee and great knitter  who had knit the scarf for store display told me that the pattern’ almost did her in.’  “What was the problem?”  I asked.  “The rib?  The diagonal stitch?”
“Don’t know,” she said.  Whatever it was it gave her grief. 

With that heads up,  I approached the pattern with a sleuth’s eye.  I dissected it.  I made tons of notes.

 And for the first 12 inches or so, things went well.  Then I got cocky. A purl row was missed.  I ripped a few rows 

but struggled to  find the re-start point.  For a bit, I thought I might have to rip it out entirely.  But I am now back on track, happy with the results and LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours.  

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Yarn and Ivories said...

Yikes! A non-lace, acrylic scarf that needs a life line? What's the world coming to??? The colors are amazing!