Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer's End

The last of my summer knitting is off the needles and blocked.  The Sweaterkits Scarf purchased at The Match Factory on the way up to the trailer in early July, along with the Bernat Moasaic Directional Scarf , were both blocked last night.

My favourite, thinking only of lusciousness of yarn,  is the Sweaterkits.  My favourite,   thinking only of colour,  is the Bernat and  that is the one I will keep for myself.

The Sweaterkits scarf pattern gave instructions to cast on 218 stitches for a lengthwise knit.  The first  two-colour repeat was to be repeated eight more times.
As you can tell by the photo, I am short of that.  With only six grams of the silk left, I didn't chance another repeat.
Regardless, the scarf measures 12 x60 and I'm happy with that.

Finished, I am happier with the colour combo than I thought I might be, but still, I  know that they are not my colours.  Better suited to someone other than a brown-haired, freckled knitter with yellow undertones to her skin, I think I will put it in our family Christmas gift draw  fight.  Hopefully, that is exactly what the ladies will do - fight for my scarf.  Then I will know it is a hit.
Since summer's end is close and the scarves put an end to my summer knitting, my next major project will be a wool sweater.  In the meantime, though, I have a knitting job to do for Ruby. 
She wants to put together mitten kits for the store and her pattern is not the same gauge as the luscious thick & thin yarn she wants to use.  She has asked me to create a new pattern - an interesting little project for summer's end.


Needles said...

Yup. Its mitten season. And yes that sweater is contiguous! Thank you so much for leading me there.

LynS said...

I love to read about summer and winter knitting. Here in Sydney, our seasons merge into one another and, while winter is definitely colder than summer, there's not such a difference that we knit distinctly different things across the seasons. And, sadly, it's never cold enough to warrant knitting mittens!

Yarn and Ivories said...

LynS says it all: I lust after mittens, and alas, give them away. See you soon!