Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Win Some - You Lose Some

My vision for  When Debbie Met Sally was a little, summery,  cover-up sweater  for  the dress I planned to wear to my niece's wedding.  I am pleased with the sweater.

I am pleased with the dress.

But I am not pleased with the two of them together.  Take a look.

 The sweater over a white shirt looks great.  The sweater over the collar-less dress - not so much. I had  wanted a cover up for several reasons - but - time to abandon those reasons and adopt 'Plan B'.  Wear  the  dress without a cover up.

Wearing a different, 'no-show' bra means I don't need the cover up for modesty reasons.

 The wedding, being on a swamp boat, not in a Church,  means I don't need the cover up for Church reasons.    Apparently, the boat is covered, so I don't need the cover up for sun protection.  Decision  made.  Save the cardi for another time.

The   dress, sewn to the size indicated by my measurements,  was quite large through the waist.  I took it in several inches.  Now, I've discovered that it slips off the shoulders a bit too often for easy wearing.  Obviously, it is a bit too big there as well.  Cleverly, I think, I have devised a little bit of trim - three narrow strips to be sewn into the back edges and braided in the centre.

With the strips pinned in place, I wore the dress on an around-the-house, test-run   this morning.  The closure worked just fine. 

 Fred cautioned me against buying 'high heels' for the wedding.  Rough water and a rocky boat were his thoughts!   However -how often does a girl get to be Aunt Of The Bride  on a swamp boat in Louisiana?  Not often enough, I tell you.  So high heels it is and - GREEN!! ones at that.
Cover-up or not, I'm ready for a fun time.

Adapting to change, as only a knitter with a failed vision can, I can now say that my first summer cardi  - which   looks great over a white shirt -   is finished.   I can say that after a several year hiatus, I have returned to sewing and with only a few minor glitches, have produced a fun, summer dress.  I have a great pair of  GREEN!!  high- heeled shoes.  Add to that, warm weather and a family wedding to look forward to and 'Plan B' sounds pretty good.    You win some, you don't win some.  I can live with that.


LaurieM said...

You look like a winner to me!

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Sometimes plan B is the best option.

Deb said...

You look terrific. What fun.

Zieknits said...

Agree, all around! Love the cardi, love the dress, love the shoes, love the modifications.

I've heard/read that sewing patterns are best purchased using the 'upper bust' (around under armpit)measurement in place of the full bust measurement. Reason being, they say it's easier to adjust the bust than to wrestle with fixing the shoulder fit.

Sandra said...

nice fix! and really, a win-win-win all around.
Maybe a nice shawl for the shoulders instead of the cardi?