Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursdays Are for Knit Group

Knitters with priorities!  The Easter-egg dyeing can wait. There 's knitting to be done.

It was good to see Joanne back from her winter travels.
 That is Mothed  -  without the holes  - she is knitting,  using Americo's Alpaca and Wool combo.  Nice yarn, nice pattern.  Joanne isn't knitting this for herself  but for  her lucky daughter.  Adopt me, Joaane ?

Gail's  chemo caps for her Church project are a hit with Joyce and Bonnie. 

She has two done now  - with  lovely, lace edges.

Bonnie has a darn nice project on the go, herself. 
 She said  she had to do a 'cut & paste'  exercise to get the yarn striping to suit her.  
That's why I like to knit in the round, Bonnie.  

The Easter bunny is on his way.  Happy Easter and lots of chocolates for everyone.  

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