Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursdays Are for Knit Group

Perhaps not as  exciting as a Thursday in New Orleans, but running a close second, is a  Thursday at knit group.   

Ingrid is knitting a sleeve.  Knitting it flat and in Lilac!  Imagine.  It needs to be 60 centimetres wide she says.   24 inches if my math is right that's a wide sleeve, Ingrid.  

Gloria has another 'justa' project.

 A baby hat this time.  Since Gloria's  daughter got married last winter, I expect, any day soon,  that these baby projects will be for a grand baby.  But not yet.  This one is for the hospital.

Wilma has her needles in a very trendy project. 
 Boot toppers. 
An 'ever-so-cute' piece of knitting to cover the top of a rubber boot. Other than  beautification,  I am not sure if they serve a purpose.  This pair is headed to Wilma's daughter-in-law in B.C. With B.C.'s rainy weather, I am sure any rubber boot beautification will be appreciated.
Nell showed off another lap blanket headed to a mission in Toronto. 

 This one was a collaborative work.  Squares knit by a group of ladies from a small community outside of Meaford and given to Nell to put  together.  Nell mentioned that some of the squares -  weren't.  But a good blocking should cure that.

Along with the squares, Nell was gifted another load of yarn.  In Nell's world, another load of yarn means another blanket.  

As Nell says " Some lucky person will be warm."

Sharon has a pair of socks on the go. 
She is  pleased with herself.  These socks are fraternal not identical and - she isn't bothered by that.  At all!    Must be the relaxed state of a retired woman, Sharon.

In New Orleans, not one person spoke to me about fraternal socks, gauge or boot toppers.    Imagine!  How do they spend their time?  Not at Thursday knit group, obviously.

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