Friday, December 9, 2011

While Visions Of Sugarplums . . .

It is not sugarplums that I am envisioning, but this.
A few days ago, pestering Fred yet again to give me some idea - any idea  - of what he might like for Christmas, he said
"Well, I wouldn't mind a hand-knit sweater.  A really warm one to wear around the house."

He went on to explain more, but I didn't hear, because I was out the door and on my way to the LYS.  Not quite, but close.  What  he said was music to this knitters ears and I knew exactly what yarn to buy.

" I want a wool one.  I do have that blue one, but it isn't very warm.  It must be acrylic."    And you think they don't listen!

Alpaca, reportedly seven times warmer than wool,  was my first choice but someone beat me to the Alpaca bin.  There was not enough of any one (or two) colours to make the sweater of my vision.  So wool it was.  Ella Rae Classic in maroon and white. 

The vision is raglan sleeves, deep 'V' neck,  buttons and a bit of an all-over  rib design.  Perhaps, 9 X 1.  Enough to give it some interest but not enough to slow me down. 

15 days of knitting time.  Perhaps the wiser vision would be a wrapped bag of yarn under the tree.  Never the wise one,  the Christmas Day headlines will probably read  'Crazed Knitter Refuses To Put Down Needles To Cook Turkey.'


Joansie said...

Looks like gorgeous yarn! Happy Knitting!

LaurieM said...

Happy Christmas knitting! Fred will understand if his sweater is still on the needles Christmas morning.

Sel and Poivre said...

That Ella Rae yarn is so fabulous! Especially the RED!

Is this the same Fred who suggested going out for dinner after you baked all day?

That guy's a catch!

BTW, my money's on you getting it and the turkey done too!

Needles said...

I'll race you!

Vera said...

That is quite the task you set for yourself. I would have to plan that for NEXT Christmas if I only started now ☺

Deb said...

15 days! A marathon. I'm cheering from the sidelines. I got asked for a scarf by my son, thank goodness.