Friday, December 16, 2011

The One Third Mark

Still in a math mode,  I am one third done the Christmas sweater.  I think.  I hope.    In my math world, two sleeves equals one third of the sweater.   With the  first third taking one week, I'm looking at a three-week sweater - which makes a late Christmas gift.  Unless of course I look to January 6th. 

Lyn S tells me that January 6th is the feast of the Three Kings - Tres Reyes - in the Spanish world while   Denise of Needles & Pins says it is the Ukrainian Christmas.  Both occasions for gift giving, I'm sure,  so my options are still open.   Commenter Nan said it is called Epiphany and it surely will be an eye opener for me if I can finish a sweater in two weeks.  Laurie M cautioned me that if not finished on time, Fred will get bit by the Yule Cat.     Marie,   however,    tells me that January 6th is Knitters Christmas and that's the story I have decided to stick to.

As proof positive, here they are. 
Unblocked and looking small to me.  But they have been tried on numerous times and  'Mikey likes them'.  If he likes them,  I like them.

On now to the body, knit in the round, with none of those pesky purls to slow me down.   Will I 'get my groove' or slow down?  Only a knitter has wrist and shoulder issues to affect her math.


freshisle said...

Oh, I love that - knitters' Christmas, perfect.

Sigrun said...

January 9th is my birthday--you can call that a gift-giving occasion. :o)