Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The only thing better than an afternoon of knitting  is   an afternoon of knitting  preceded by lunch in Meaford's newest restuarant.   A great way to celebrate the season.  Can you see who joined us, fresh from Florida?

That would be Sandy B.  With lots of  knitting to show off. 
You are looking at little poncho/capelet items (I thought  they were mini skirts.  Another option.  Just sayin')  with matching ruffled scarves -  and as if that wasn't enough, matching  'Coach'  bags.  One for each daughter and DIL.  Great gifts Sandy.  Would you be my Mom?

Gail looks quite studious here,  

showing off the cutest-ever baby hat.  Knit bottom up and finished with two colour I cord.  

Speaking of baby outfits, Doreen is almost finished the top-down baby sweater started at Knitfest.   That was October but Big Red delayed her for weeks. 

Nell has been busy making more gifts for her lucky, lucky friends.   venge

Wilma feels better this week having finished  the blue, silk shawlette.  The larger needles worked,  giving  the piece perfect  size and drape.  The red one - just barely seen here on her lap -  is almost off the needles.  With  ten days to spare, who wouldn't feel good about that?

Equal opportunity or revenge, I'm not sure, but Wilma asked to use my camera.  Next thing I knew,  I was being told there are never any pictures of me so today was my day.  Tanya is home from the NWT and here you see me explaining  the knitted cast on.

followed by some bit of hilarity

and finally, the teacher doing the  work while the student watches. 

 She's a smooth talker, that Tanya.

Good food.  Good fun.  Great afternoon.

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