Friday, May 27, 2011

To The Desert Once More

The New Mexico Sunset Wrap I knit last week, for a customer, was so appreciated that she immediately asked me to knit another.  She wanted  the same Indie yarn but in desert-sand colours - to wear with denim.

Taking creative liberties she didn't ask for  - oops, am I supposed to do that -  I put three buttonholes in this wrap.

The sunset wrap had one buttonhole for one very large button.  This time, to give wearing options, I worked a trim of single crochet along one edge and put three buttonholes near the top.  I've also set aside, for her approval,  Moose Antler buttons that are a great match for the sand-like colours in the yarn.

 My vision - which of course I will have to sell to her :) is one button, three buttonholes.  In-obtrusive buttonholes  that allow the wrap to be closed  by the top buttonhole or as an option, one of the lower two.  In which case the top  corner of the wrap will flap.  A different look altogether.  I hope she likes it.


Yarn and Ivories said...

I like your idea about the 3 button options. Very clever.

Stephanie said...

Pretty wrap! I sometimes really wish I had someone paying me to knit things for them; I'd have more to knit that way. The options for the buttons is a very good idea and I doubt you'll have a hard time selling it to the customer. :)

Needles said...

This is my favourite colourway, but it isn't one I can wear. Still, I love it and the wrap is just perfect for it.