Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's A Wrap!

Two days in a row  with  finished knitting projects to show.  Today's wrap has  been my fat needle, unshaped, easy-knit relief from Peasy.

Unlike most of my knits, this one is not for me.  It's a commission!  LOL!  I've always wanted to say that and in this case it's not entirely untrue.  The piece is a  wrap I knit for someone who fell in love with the colours of the yarn  then looked at me with big brown eyes to say   "But I can't knit."

Using Indie by Sirdar, in shade 0150, the colours are those of a New Mexico sunset.  The customer loved them all - except the eggplant.  She asked if I could cut that out of the ball of yarn to focus more on the orange and pink.  Sure.  Since the ball contained a lot of eggplant, it meant losing a lot of yarn. 

Not being  a deep purple fan myself, I could see her point, and I love the finished look.  Just enough eggplant to give contrast to the lighter shades but no so much that it is a 'purple' wrap.
The piece is loosely based on a garment  in the Indie pattern book.  I cast on enough stitches to make the wrap about 18 inches deep.  There are two garter stitches at each side, the rest is a 3x3 rib.  After about 40 inches of knitting I worked one row with a buttonhole.  Two more rows then a loose cast off.    The button  is gorgeous - hand carved walnut.  A wonderful finish to the wrap.
Tomorrow it goes with me to work and I get to see the reaction of my first commission customer. I suppose, like most commissioned artists, I expect one of two reactions.  Either I'll never see the wrap again, or I'll be wearing it.


Joansie said...

Bet she will love it. Do give us a report!!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

I knew the second your page opened up on my screen that couldn't be something for you...all the wrong colours for sure and you're not a "wrapper" are you?

Yarn and Ivories said...

A perfect call, that I probably wouldn't have thought of, to cut back on the purple. It would have been totally different, and I've already viewed the results (on PS.)
NM sunset does have a lot of purple...