Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Have you ever showed up for a meeting and  realized you are the only person in the room that didn't get the memo?  That's how I felt at knit group today.  I was knitting  on my latest summer cardi but almost everyone else was knitting socks.  I looked to my left and there were four knitters - Carol, Gail, Bonnie and Lorrie -
all working on socks. 

I looked to my right and there were three more - Angela, Ruth and Jean -  with Ingrid being the only non-sock knitter in that line up.


Jean's socks deserve special mention.  She knits toe-up, two-at-a-time  on circular needles.

And take a look at her yarn! 
Reported to be Kroy and  purchased at a   chain store  owned by 'Len' for a ridiculously inexpensive, single-digit price,  Jean will get 5 pairs of socks from the 500 G ball.  A little over a dollar a pair!

Ingrid was dressed in her own hand knits from top to bottom today.  This is her sock yarn skirt.  A gored skirt where the gores were each knit separately then crocheted together.  That one-at-a-time method  allowed her to knit the skirt as travel knitting.  I like the way the crocheted columns break up the  bands of pattern. They add great interest to the finished look and prevent the skirt from becoming a perfectly, horizontally striped piece.

Today, Ingrid wore the skirt with another hand knit, a  colour- coordinating grey vest.  You look lovely, Ingrid.

For the first time since I can't remember when, there was  enough  sun  and warmth today to  sit outside for a mid - morning coffee.  A sunny morning followed by  an afternoon of knitting -  pretty perfect day, don't you think?


ES said...

we all love to feel the sun on our faces :)

Sel and Poivre said...

It is bitter cold here with a nasty biting wind out of the east today. Will it ever end?

Yarn and Ivories said...

Yay for a change in the seasons! Unfortunately we are having gray=outs as Arizona dirt blows by... nasty winds. But I'm glad you got to sit outside, and wow to the knitted skirt! You go, Ingrid!

Jan said...

This past winter I learned to knit 2 at a time toe up and will never go back :)