Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Flood Vest

Despite the rip-back, despite our basement flood, my super chunky vest is finished.  The last, I think, of the winter knitting.  Time to start thinking of summer.  I think I can, I think I can - makesummer happen.

Pattern:  Sirdar pattern called Waistcoats in Faroe Super Chunky
Yarn:  Wool Slub by Knitca.  Colour - Rainbow
Needles:  8mm
-- The pattern suggests two lengths.  One quite long, the other quite short.  I knit mine somewhere in between.  In between enough to give me my normal 23 inch length.
None of the edges were to have any kind of trim according to the pattern.  I put 2 rows of K1 P1 at the bottom to prevent curling.  The 10 stitch cable at the front edges I found difficult to do without a stitch or two at the edge to 'hold' the work.  So I changed the 10 stitch cable to an 8 stitch cable and put 2 garter stitches along the edge from the point where the cable begins  to the centre back, where the cable stops.
- I knit it in one piece to the underarms and then separated to knit the upper body.

I am very happy with the yarn - soft, lightweight, almost roving like, bulky yarn.
I am not so happy about the gaping armholes. 

But nothing a bit of elastic thread won't cure.

A very cute, easy and with such bulky yarn, very  fast knit.  A good way to end the winter knitting.

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Sel and Poivre said...

That piece looks like it instantly cozy while also suitably colourful for spring. What a perfect thing to have in your closet at this time of year!