Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Accompanied by  some chocolate Easter eggs, to keep  our sugar levels from dropping,  knitting today was lively and fun.

Look at Wilma's sweater! 
Finished, with her first-ever zipper installed,  it is a great spring garment. Look at that fit.  Isn't that perfect?  With trepidation, Wilma chose to knit a smaller than normal size. But it turned out perfectly.
This is The Sarah from  Button Up Your Top Down.

Ruth finished the socks she was knitting for her grandaughter' birthday gift. 
In lots of time for   Janessa's May 23rd birthday.  What a  lucky girl to have Grandma knit for her.

Sandy B just returned from a knitting cruise.  5 full days of workshops, food, knitting,  sunshine and  yarn shopping.  Look at this haul.
The bright blue on the left is from Richard Devrieze, dyed especially for the cruise and named after the  ship - Brilliance. 

While cruising, Sandy started this pretty pink piece. 
The pattern is featured on the front cover of  Knitting Traditions

Angela is determined to become a sock knitter.  With a bit of help on how to pick up those pesky gusset stitches, she is well on her way.

Lauren's socks are unique.  Knitting them for a friend who suffers from cold feet, she has done the  leg normally but combined mohair  with the sock yarn for the foot.  Very 'one of a kind' Lauren.

Lots of knitting,   just a bit   -  ):  -   of chocolate.  Perfect for Easter week, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time had by all! Wow, does Wilma ever get a great fit to her knitted sweaters; that is so pretty. I might have to try a pair of those mohair-foot socks myself one day, great cosy idea!


Sel and Poivre said...

Wow! Kudos to Wilma - great call on the fit and as a bonus a smaller knit=faster knit!

Anonymous said... go girl! Wear it with pride. Very stylish and a perfect fit. Love it!
Thanks for these weekly updates,Brenda.
teresa_a from New England

Deb @ cabinfever said...

I love Wilma's cardigan. Well done.

ES said...

A knitting cruise!! sounds fab! I will be googling to see if there are any going from near here (Sydney, Australia).

Yarn and Ivories said...

What a wonder that Wilma is! Her new sweater is GREAT! Love the detail on the back.
And now I lust after Knitting Traditions...
And now to your other posts:
I think the sump pump is a good idea. Especially when someone else installs it!
And OUch and OUch! More serious snow, and gauge problems. Looks like an interesting and great textured yarn.
Ok, NOW you can start melting...

Brendaknits said...

Well, ES - maybe we all could cruise TO Austrailia. And thanks, Julia, Deb and Teresa. I'll make sure Wilma sees your comments.