Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

What knitter needs more yarn?  All of us at knit group claim to have supplies to last several lifetimes.  Nonetheless, when the yarn hit the table at our Stash Swap a couple of weeks ago, we all dove in.  As if we had never seen yarn before.  Many of us have already knit - or woven-  the yarn that was  snatched at the  Swap. 

Sharon has woven three scarves.
The blue  scarf  has yarn from my stash  while the red one  contains Nicki's.  Fleece Artist, no less.  Nice give-away, Nicki.  Nice scarves, Sharon.

Doreen has knit two hats with yarn she claimed from Nicki's stash.

Sharon has already knit one gorgeous sock from Nan's stash of Tanis Fibre Arts sock

And, as promised, Ann Marie came today to pick up our socks.

 We knit these
 for her exhibition - The Homefront -  at the Tom Tomson Gallery in Owen Sound.   The show runs from June to September and focuses on the women left behind when the men went off to war.

 Drop by Owen Sound this summer to  take a look at the exhibition  and see our socks.  In fact- why not come on a Thursday and knit with us first before heading off to  the gallery?  There you go.  Your vacation planning all done.  You're welcome.


Needles said...

Next year, I am going to take a good long drive...

Sel and Poivre said...

I frequently imagine taking aThursday drive and dropping into Meaford but as you well know, my large white "sidekick" can be a bit much.

(That being said he is night and day improved since he jumped up on you. No jumping at all any more and he'll stay wherever I put him.)

Still, a bit much for many though.

ES said...

You made me laugh out loud when you said it was like you had never seen yarn before the yarn swap!! haha!! I keep telling my husband that a yarn addiction isn't the worst thing in the world, and he rolls his eyes at me :)

Brendaknits said...

Your husband must be rolling his eyes 24/7 living with a knitter.