Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ruby's Mittens

Before heading home from Hearst, at the end of the summer, Ruby of the Napa Wool/Tool Shop handed me a bag of yarn.

"For you," she said.
"For me?" I puzzled.

"With the string attached that I would like you to develop a pattern for a pair of two-layer mittens" she said.  "The thick & thin, variegated Juniper on the outside and the mohair on the inside."  Hearst is cold in the winter time, don't ya know!  

That pattern development has been consuming my time this past couple of weeks.  But I think I have it worked out.  Then, of course,I couldn't stop.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a hat or a cowl  - a cache-cou in Hearst speak - to match, I thought.  So I called up and ordered two more balls of the Juniper to be sent down.
The mittens are finished,

the pattern almost so.  Then it is off to Ruby for her approval.   Time to start my first wool sweater of the season.


Needles said...

I would like to do this down the road with some indeterminate that I have. It will likely be a mix of leftovers if I ever get the lace knit into shawls.

Needles said...

That should be indeterminate lace.