Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Fall weather brings out the knitters.  Needles and yarn everywhere today.  I arrived to see Sharon, who was on vacation last week, showing off her Knitters Fair purchases.  Glorious yarn - especially the Madelinetosh in the auburn shades.  My colour, Sharon.

Sharon had other yarn she is proud of.  'Still on the sheep in August,' she said.

 She did some Kool Aid dyeing to get these  glorious colours  and Jean spun it for her.    Jean and Sharon belong to the same Spinners & Weavers Guild and have been told to knit  little things from hand-spun yarn for the Christmas Tree.  Things that will be  sold  at their annual November show.  Little things like these cute-as-can-be mittens. 

Shown here modelled by Jean to show their size.

Sandy B is back from the cottage with lots of show&tell. The lovely Mexquita Shawl in a gorgeous hand-dyed silk in graduated shades of purple.  This is enough to convert a non-shawl-wearing-knitter like me.  And the pattern is free on ravelry - here.
Sandy's dilemma is how to wear it.  Like this?

Like this? 
Definitely over black, Sandy as Carol proves.

Her next piece isn't nearly as delicate - but it looks like lots of fun.  Is is a shawl?

A skirt?
Or a cowl  shroud?

Ingrid was working on a skirt.  Not the same skirt she was knitting two weeks ago - that one was at home drying after  blocking.  I know,  I hate her too.  This one is in Americo Cotton Flamme and has a bottom border of basket weave stitch. 

With this much knitting, I expect the first frost soon.  Gotta' love this 'knitters' season.

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Sel and Poivre said...

While the knitting of your group is as ever fabulous I must admit to being distracted as I looked at your photos by the apparent beauty of the room in which you're getting together. Prolific, talented and lucky knitters you Meaford-types!