Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursdays are For Knit Group

The looks on their faces say it all.  Several knitters today seemed bemused by their efforts.  Gail has a new silk shawl started and despite the less than gleeful look,  is pleased with it so far.

She has three hats for her hat bin, knit with yarn from Bag Lady Sue's great giveaway.  Pleased with them too.

But her Whisper Cardigan knit with Fleece Artist Mohair doesnt' please  so much.  "B-o-r-i-n-g"   to knit,  she said and "way too hot " for a woman of a certain age.  It is headed for her "I'll never wear it.' pile.  Oh dear.

Doreen too, seems unsure of a good outcome with her latest project - a tank top in this summery aqua blue.

But the face that said it best is Nicki's.  Working on a gift knit - a non-Christening, Christening Shawl  - and using  a pattern   not chosen by a knitter, Nicki is not having much fun.  The shawl has been ripped out once but is  'back on track' she thinks.  You'd never know that by the look on your  face, Nicki.
Great ambivalence in that look, I'd say.  

Wilma on the other hand was wearing one of her latest summer knits.  A delightful,  summer sweater atop her great, summer dress.  A Laura Chau pattern, the Bellevue Cardigan, it is perfect, Wilma.

Like most knitting, I guess. You win some you lose some.


Needles said...

Please tell Gail to hold on to the sweater for those two or three times in life where a slinky black skirt and sleeveless top are worn to somewhere where a slinky skirt and sleeveless top plus the sweater, are the perfect things to wear. I don't know where that place is, but I am sure it exists. But the sweater really looks great. In fact all the knitting does.

Linda said...

About Gail's Whisper in mohair: it is beautiful AND reminds me of the wonderful black mohair sweater that I wear only on freezing days under one outer layer. Perfect, non bulky layering for this gal of a definite age!