Friday, September 28, 2012

Meaford's Big Weekend

This weekend is a big weekend for all Meaford people.  It is the 16th annual  Scarecrow Invasion.

The town decorated everywhere with Scarecrows,

a Friday night parade and weekend-long One Of A Kind   er, um,  it's not called a OOAK but should be - Craft Show.

It is a home-coming of sorts for all ex-Meafordites and the traffic line-ups to  get into town are are almost  Toronto-esque in size.  All the  businesses in town gear up for the weekend and are beyond busy.  Local legends like Grandma Lambe with her pies  and orchards such as Vail's,   Barbetta's   and Almond's with their apples are places that attract mega- crowds of visitors  this weekend.

So if you are looking for a fun time this weekend, come to Meaford.  You'll see me at the craft show.  Or at Grandma Lambe's.  Or at one of the orchards.  Or at the parade.    

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Jan said...

Just the few we saw while visiting Meaford were so much fun. Scarecrows everywhere!