Friday, September 21, 2012

News At 6

My little News At 6  Knit is coming along nicely.  I did have more knitting time than just the evening news yesterday as I  worked on the vest at  knit group.  It is that easy a knit that it makes a good 'take & talk'  project.

The lower portion is done and one front complete. 

My only concern now is - will I have enough yarn.  I could weigh it and know for sure - but why take the stress out of my knitting life?  I will knit on with hope and held breath.

  Happy knitting this weekend.


Needles said...

laughing out loud here. "why take the stress out of my knitting life?" indeed.

Jan said...

Ok this post reminds me that I was going to purchase yarn for this pattern when I came to see you. Instead I purchased all the yummy yarn to make me something LOL