Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On A Ruby Roll

With Ruby's, requested, two-layered mittens finished and the pattern for them 99% so, I moved on to a matching hat.  Knit too with the Sirdar Juniper,  I used the yarnharlot's  'Unoriginal Hat'  pattern.  She is right about it being a fast knit.  There are only 56 stitches to cast on and 36 rows to knit.  A one-movie  or  - this time of year  - one-baseball-game  hat.

Stephanie recommended a set of five,  7mm, double pointed needles.  Her pattern, 56 stitches in total is divided into four pattern repeats of 14 stitches each.  A very nice fit over four needles.  However, always one to find a harder way to do something, I didn't have 7mm dpns.  I did have two sets of 8mm circs and that is what I used.  Less easy perhaps than one repeat per needle, but still not too complicated for this mathematically-challenged knitter. Stephanie did say for a larger hat,  use a larger needle.  So now I am looking for a fat-headed friend - or at least one with big hair - who loves green and who needs a new hat.  Just kidding.

It is cute, very trendy and a nice compliment to the mittens.  Another gift for the Christmas box.

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