Friday, June 29, 2012

Twelve, Not Ten

 If blocking doesn't count, my hoped-for, 'ten-day' sweater turned out to be, instead,  my 'Twelve Day Sweater'.  Still not bad.  Timing a knit is not something normally done here, chez Brenda - counting those  high numbers can be a strain.  But for some reason speed appealed this time.  Started June 16, finished June 28.
If you don't count blocking.  Or weaving in of ends.  Today for sure but who wants a 'Thirteen Day Sweater'?

The vision was for a neutral-toned, summer cover-up and this fits the bill perfectly.   Knit with Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed on a larger-than-called-for needle to give a light-weight and hopefully, airy sweater. The ball band on Cotton Tweed calls for a 3.75mm needle to produce a DK gauge of 22 stitches over four inches.  However, it always takes me a 4mm to get that gauge and this time I used a 4.5mm for 20sts/4in.  The object was a lighter-weight garment to wear in hotter weather. 

Cotton Tweed is a cotton/acrylic, 45/55 blend.  Since past experience has taught me that I sweat  overheat when wearing acrylic - I liken it to wearing a plastic bag -  I  normally avoid it at all costs.   But Cotton Tweed is such a great yarn.  Featuring machine wash & dry, a price of  $7.50 for 230 metres and the  large cotton content, it is hard to resist. Here's hoping the looser gauge will compensate for the 55%    plastic    acrylic component. 

The Twelve Day Sweater is a pattern of my own design.  Knit top down, with yarn overs along the raglan lines and beside  the seed-stitch, front bands to make a hopefully,  heat-resistant, holey design.  I added a bit of waist shaping and a 'K1, Yarn over, K2tog' panel down the centre back.  More holes.  More air conditioning, I hope.

I'm pleased so far, but as always, the proof is in the wearing. Maybe over a red tee on Canada Day.


Linda said...

Looks lovely! It is inspiring to hear how you put the sweater together, stitch-wise.

LynS said...

A twelve day sweater (or cardi as we would call it here). Very impressive. You could do a version of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' with a knitting achievement for each day!

Deb said...

I'm waiting to see how you like it at a different gauge. Looks good so far.