Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday Lacked A Charge

The Thursday evening blog readers that like to keep abreast of what  the knit group has been up to were surely disappointed last night.  Me too.  My camera batteries died before the first picture could be snapped.

Having had that happen to me in the past,  often now,  I carry charged batteries in my purse.  But not yesterday.  Just the day I needed them they weren't there. The  afternoon began with a few off-colour words and remained photo-free.

The up-side is -  it gave me much more knitting time.  I am about half way to the bottom cast-off on my little cream coloured summer cardi.  The panel of centre-back lace   My attention span is co-operating now and I haven't missed a row since that mega rip at the beginning of the week.  So far, two short rows have been worked across the back and there might be two more to come as I get closer to the bottom.

Other than doing some pattern research for the correct number of stitches to cast on, the rest of the sweater is pattern-free.  Happily, I can report  that it fits.  I am also happy to report that all this knitting that you see here
has been done since last Saturday night.  Including all the ripping back.  I am now aiming for a ten day sweater.  Seems a stretch,  but goals are a good thing.

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