Friday, June 1, 2012

I Forget Things

I have a memory problem.  I don't have a good one. 

Yesterday, after dinner, I took my own Zambezi yarn over to the knitting machine and started my version of Whisper.   Having tried on Sandy's at knit group a few weeks ago, I knew the pattern, as designed, was too drapey for me. Droopy rather than drapey was the feeling I had.  Being short, those styles sometimes make me feel as if I'm wearing my bathrobe.  Not a pretty sight in public.

So I re-wrote the pattern to more appropriately fit a petite person.  At the machine, within minutes I zipped off one front.  then the back.    As exciting as that was to be able to knit an entire vest in half an hour, I made myself stop. It can't be this easy I thought.  If by chance, I had mis- calculated, it would be a lot of mohair to rip back.  Today, I pinned the two pieces together,  pinned the whole thing to me at the shoulders, then stood in front of the bedroom mirror to take a self portrait.  Awkward.

Only then did the memory kick in.  I have my new,  duct-tape, dress form.  Now doesn't that look better?

I am so thrilled.  My pattern works.  It looks good.  It fits.  And photography is so much easier with a dress form.  Now if only I could improve my memory, I'd be good.


Needles said...

It looks great! I have to try a sweater on the machine one of these days. I would love to try winging it there too, but I confess, I am having much too much fun by hand!

Jan said...

Glad to see the duct tape in action :) I haven't had a chance to use mine yet.

Sandra said...

what settings did you use for your LK-150? I have the same yarn and the same thoughts for this sweater...