Monday, June 25, 2012

Closing In On Ten Days

On Friday's blog post, I publicly declared that my  cream-coloured, summer sweater would be a ten day sweater.  Ten days from the start date of June 16 is June 26.  Tomorrow.   Perhaps not.

Closer to cast off than the last picture I posted,
but not close enough to finish it tomorrow I'm afraid.  At least not without  serious injury to the knitting arm.

 Some of my weekend knitting time was diverted to this project.
 The machine-knit, Zambezi piece.  A  long-sleeved sweater with a waterfall front in Fleece Artist, Zambezi, a lace-weight mohair.  Here are the four - so-far - completed pieces.  One more front to go.  Zambezi and the ten-day sweater will probably finish at the same time. 

The Ten Day sweater, being a top-down, has been tried on many times and fits well.  The Zambezi waterfall, of course, has not.  The one downfall of machine knitting is that one must knit in pieces and that eliminates the opportunity to try on the garment before finishing.  So fingers crossed on Zambezi.
 In the meantime, I'm off to pick up the needles.  No time to waste.

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Christy J said...

Have you used the fitting tips from the Craftsy course in designing your one-piece cardigan? I haven't been knitting a fitted sweater for myself yet this summer, but I've watched most of the lessons and taken recent measurements. I'm thinking of doing Gemini from Knitty while watching the Olympics.