Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Piece That Pleases

Unlike the fabled tale, my 'hare' knitting project, the modified Whisper, finished ahead of my 'tortoise'.

And Fred, finished fishing and finally home, did the photo shoot.  No more self portraits.

Zambezi by Fleece Artist.  One  125 gram skein of which I have 68 grams remaining.    Maybe "Sis' will get a vest too.
Whisper by Linda Benne, heavily modified.  The sides are knit horizontal and the back vertically.
Cast on 85 stitches on each piece.  Knit for a total of 20 inches on each piece.  Shaped armholes on each piece.

Knit on the LK 150 at stitch dial 4 and tension Dial 5.  This gave a gauge of 1816, final take - 18 stitches over 4 inches.  My gauge swatch - machine gauge swatches are huge - said 18.  But after blocking it read 16.  Today, after knitting, blocking and sewing up, it has reverted to 18.  I'm stickin' with that.

Not really fond of the wide, loose, lower back that tends to ride up on these 'waterfall' garments, I ended with an inch of 2x2 ribbing, that seems to draw it in nicely.

 The armholes were finished with two rows of purl and then a cast off row.    Across the back, I divided the distance into three equal parts.  One for each shoulder and one for the back neck.  The back neck, I turned under for one half inch and hemmed down.  I have a bit of a dowager's hump and back necks that come up too high, emphasize it a bit too much for my liking.  The half inch hem works well.

An interesting thing happened on the way to completion.  Some knitters talk about hand-dyed yarns pooling.  But am I the first to have a hand-dyed yarn mark the spot with an 'X'?

A very light-weight, colourful, trendy piece.  I think it will get lots of wear come next fall.
 I have Patti-Ann to blame thank for forcing   encouraging me to buy not one, but two of these kits.  And Nicki who thinks my green/beige/brown wardrobe colour palette is a bit of a yawn, will be thrilled to see the red. Not bad.   One piece that pleases three knitters.


Needles said...

Design feature, not pooling.

It looks fantastic.

Sandra said...

My Zambezi pooled in a similar manner - but I made mine onthe machine in a completely different way to get a similar effect. Plus I"m addig sleeves, which I have to redo due to some poor math...
Hope to post something as nice as yours soon.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Isn't that curious with the pooling! I thought it was on purpose. Looks great! My color!