Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Looks Better

What is my Cinnie doing here, draped over the back of my favourite knitting chair?

Previously it was hiding in my dresser. 

Cinnie was not being worn much because of the  riding-up issue.  You know - the issue where I was sure my bust size had miraculously increased causing the sweater to lift and separate as it approached the bust line.  Wearing it,  I liked it's light and summery feel  but was  conscious of that unsightly, upward swing of  fabric.  Most of those who commented on the blog said  'Get over  it'.  'It looks fine.'  Or even  'Relax.  Have a glass of wine." Still, it bothered me.

 My options, I decided were to either let it sit in the drawer for the summer, or tackle the issue.  If I removed the front-band edges I would at least know if that was the problem.  If not, well then, some additional thinking - and maybe bust darts -  would be required.  But if the sweater hung nicely after removal of the edges, it was truly a simple fix. 

Rationalizing?  Perhaps. But it worked.  Last night, I ripped back the front edges and voila!!!

  My bust has not increased in size after all.  The sweater hangs nicely.

 This time, chagrined, I shall pick up for the ribbing at the rate the pattern suggests - four for five.  Maybe even five for five near and through the bust area and hopefully will have a perfectly-sitting, non-riding-up, wearable sweater in a day or so.


Linda said...

Very helpful work-through on the whys and hows of riding up: thanks!

Sandra said...

congrats on an easy fix!

Yarn and Ivories said...

It's beautiful and you'll love it now! Good work and persistence.