Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Who doesn't love a fashion show? A knitting fashion show?

That's what happened at knit group today. It started with this.
A 'what is it?' piece of knitting for sure. I needed help to try it on - the straight jacket look wasn't all that fashionable. But Ingrid got it right the first time,

as did Sharon.
Doreen knit the shrug, starting with an invisible cast on, then knitting the centre rectangle of ribbing. Once the rectangle was done, she picked up stitches from the live cast on, increased so as to double the number of stitches then ribbed the exterior circle. It makes a weird 'doily' but a wonderful shrug. I'm smitten. I wonder if Elizabeth would approve.

I modelled Ingrid's fabulous piece.
Never would I knit - or buy - a 'peplum' piece. Who wants to highlight the belly? But this looks as good on me as it did on Ingrid. Well, as good as taking a piece worn by a tall, thin lady and putting it on a short, not-thin lady can look.

Those that didn't 'dress up' knit. Pat finished another Octopus.
One she says she will keep for herself.

Bonnie finished a child's cabled sweater. I insisted she hold the sweater so I could get both knitter and knitting in the picture. Bonnie, on the other hand, decided on an impression of Tim Taylor's neighbour, Wilson.
We know she's there, but we can't see her.

As for Survivor. It was shown last night, Wednesday. What a terrible thing to do to a person whose life revolves around wonderful Thursdays of knitting and Survivor. Last night we were at a Gord Bamford concert and since neither Fred no I have any idea how to use the 'tape' program on the VCR - I will have to wait until Tuesday when Rogers On Demand updates their listings. Reading online, though I see that James is gone. Hmm. Guess his bad knee did him in.


Sel and Poivre said...

You might have to add peplums to your "maybe" column!

LaurieM said...

Wednesday's Survivor was AWESOME!! And that's all I'll say about it.

When I'm at home I'm always asking Jim and Alex to "Shut up" because they talk over the show and then ask me, "What did they say?" How am I supposed to know, I couldn't hear over their talking!

So in Waterloo I got to watch it with no interruptions. Funny, but I was really tempted to call them just so I could say, "Shut up!" :)