Monday, March 8, 2010

Little FOs

Finally. Some finished knitting. Except for my Olympic knitting, there have been no FOs to date, in 2010. Waterloo waits still, but this weekend, I finished the Prime Rib hat from EZ's Opinionated Knitter. While on the roll (Ha! One FO a roll? Ha!) I finished up a pair of socks that I was knitting for Fred.

They are the brown 'Very Warm Mohair Socks' started long ago. My standard pattern of one strand lace weight mohair held together with one strand sock yarn. 3mm needles, with, for Fred, 54 stitches cast on. Never before have I run out of yarn when knitting socks for either Fred or myself. But here's what happened with the brown VWMSocks.

Discouraged, I let them sit for awhile, but this weekend, feeling the knitting energy return, I scrounged through my bag of sock yarn and came up with an almost match. Now named the Unique, One Of A Kind VWMSocks they are my third FO of 2010. Yippee!

The Prime Rib hat was FO #2 and a prime challenge. I couldn't figure out that stitch to save my life. Probably confused because I think of EZ as never knitting flat and with no reference to purl stitches, I presumed that the hat was knit in the round. But I think not. In the end, I knit it flat and only had to make one little adjustment to the instructions to make the stitch work out. Completed, it is a great hat. Cute. Warm. Cozy. And FINISHED!!!


Sel and Poivre said...

That looks no joke cozy!

Needles said...

I love EZ. Funny woman . I just picked up and entire book on the Brioche Stitch, and I know of at least one other, plus a web page devoted to it. Many variations on a single theme.

MamaMidwife said...

So you knit the hat flat and then seam it up? Was that easier than doing the prime rib in the round? I wonder.

Looks super warm and COZY. Makes me want a cozy, prime rib sweater!!