Friday, March 26, 2010

King Tut

A quick and early-morning post today as Fred and I are off to Toronto. We are meeting up with Peter and the three of us are going to see the King Tut exhibit. The exhibit was in Toronto in the 70s, but today will be our first time seeing it. In the 70s, we were at the stage of little children and big mortgage payments - no King Tut exhibits for us.

The drive is about two hours, and my car knitting will be my Moccasin Socks ( Marie of Sel&Poivre commented that the correct pronunciation in the manner of young kids who can't say 'S' might be Moccathin Thockies.)
Elizabeth says to knit for 8 inches from the 6 stitches put on hold for the heel. I'm close.

Waterloo is moving along as well. Sleeve number two.
Compared to finished, sleeve number one.
Almost at the cutting stage. After my Green Sweater experience, I am filled with confidence and ready to steek. Let's hope that confidence doesn't translate into an over confident disaster.

Off now to be awestruck by lots and lots of gold.

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freshisle said...

Have a wonderful weekend!
I've always wanted to try those 'thockies'! Great to follow your progress.