Friday, March 5, 2010

Prime Rib

When I say Prime Rib, Fred's mouth starts watering and he thinks about taking out a second mortgage. Me, I think of knitting.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Opinionated Knitter shows several garments knit with what EZ calls Prime Rib stitch. Apparently some call it the Brioche Stitch.

Despite Waterloo waiting patiently
while I knit towards 'gold' - or maybe because of the furious pace of the past 17 days of knitting - choosing a small project next was very appealing.

Top of my list was EZ's Prime Rib hat. (Labelled E in the above photo) Prime Rib is a version of K1 P1 rib but w - a - y stretchier. Mine is being knit with Rowan's Big Wool.
Following EZ's directions, the hat begins with 10 inches of Prime Rib. A toque extraordinaire with ten inches to fold up. The yarn is thick, cozy and warm. A double layer over the ears will make it a great hat for wild winter days.

The hat should be done this weekend, then back to Waterloo. Armed as I am with new-found knowledge about steeks, corners and hems, I expect Waterloo to be a fast finish. If my arm hold out.


Christy J said...

Just catching up on blogs. Love your EZ sweater. I so want to make one now. Would it be a problem to make it a bit longer? Please advise.

Zieknits said...

If the hat doesn't quite work out, brioche stitch also makes a great classic tea cosy. :)

Don't blame you for going with a simple little project, before returning to the Waterloo County sweater!