Friday, March 12, 2010


Sel&Poivre kindly rewarded me with another blog award nomination this year.

Before I pass on this award to deserving bloggers, I, like Marie, want to explain, the background behind my 'favourites list' and my award choices.

I have been changing my blog-reading list in 2009. Why do that?
Well, blogs aren't what they used to be. Blogs have changed. Bogs have evolved.

When I first started reading blogs - how long ago would that be? -how long have knitting blogs existed? Five years? Seven years? - I was fascinated. So many generously-spirited knitters willing to spend time each day to share their knitting knowledge, experiences and, even at times, free patterns with others. At no charge to the reader. Asking nothing of the reader except to read and enjoy. How great was that?

Then blogs changed. More correctly, some blogs changed. Some blogs that had captured me since their inception, became nothing more than forums for self promotion. Bloggers, who had previously been simply knitters who blogged, became knitters who blogged and wrote books. Or knitters who blogged and designed patterns. A marvellous evolution in itself, but, with a captive audience in blogland, some of these bloggers began to used their blogs to promote their books, announce their book tours and/or sell their patterns. Annoying enough to a purist like myself looking for the 'pure laine' of the blog world. But when some of those same bloggers stopped writing about knitting altogether and posted only when announcing a new pattern or book for sale, I knew it was time to hit the delete button. It is time I think, to create another category of blogs. Sellers' blogs. Bloggers' shops. Whatever the title might be, it is a plea to those blogs that have become commercials to please stop trying to lure us to your pocketbook through blogging. That's my rant.

Having hit the delete button often in 2009, I spent the year, like Marie, searching for new blogs to read that are satisfying in their knitting content without trying to sell me something. I like to read blogs that tell me a lot about the knitting adventures of other knitters as well as tell me somethings about the adventures of the knitters' lives aside from knitting. (Yes, some knitters have lives apart from knitting.) Even better if those blogs can make me laugh or admire some fantastic photographs.

So - I give you my choice. Not for top three blogs, but for top three blog posts in 2009. They come, by the way, from three of my 'must read daily' blogs.

Marie of Sel& Poivre is an intelligent, articulate, thoughtful blogger and knitter. Any post of hers will educate and entertain. But this post , in particular, elevated the theory of knitting to that of a PHD thesis. I wish I could write like that. Thank you Marie.

Ruth of Knitting On Impulse is an amazingly creative knitter, dyer, spinner, jewellery maker and photographer who lives in Whistler, British Columbia. This post describes her Olympics 2010 Tribute Sweater which she designed and knit in the days leading up to the Olympics. These posts stunning photos of Olympic athletes are award winners for sure. I wish I could design sweaters and take photos like that. Thank you Ruth.

Laurie M of Issues With Knitting is a strong, focused, inventive knitter that life has tossed around in 2009. Her posts often show her great knitting and sometimes, her great knitting fans. Like this post where her husband models a no-fit sweater. I wish I could remain so strong when life throws curves. Thank you Laurie.

Then of course there are other great blogs that are special to me.
Freshisle Fibers A Really Good Yarn Curlerchick Stashqueen Du Tissue de la Laine and the list goes on ...

This awards thing is supposed to conclude with seven things about me. When I thought abut what to include in that list, I can't think of a darn thing that you don't already know about me. Except perhaps that I am short. 5 feet one inch. And I have two sisters. They don't knit. More's the pity.


LaurieM said...

Wow! I'm honoured. Thank you so much Brenda. I'd like to thank the male model who made it all possible... my husband Jim. :)

Zieknits said...

I agree with you about hitting delete on blogs that have become nothing more than marketing tools.

I also tend to bail on blogs which almost never have new posts. If the blogger doesn't care about the blog, why should I?

Off to read your blog post favourites now.