Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016

Home now from the 2016 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  It was just as much fun, just as invigorating,  just as exhilarating, just as socially expanding - and - just as exhausting  as other years. 

You can tell the US economy is in good shape.  Shoppers did not quibble over  price, they did not take more than a quick second to 'think about it', and they paid almost as often in  cash as with credit cards.  All positive economic  indicators I think.  The government could save millions by just asking a yarn show vendor about the economy.  Why pay those  highly educated economists, when they could simply ask a knitter who has a booth at a yarn festival?

To give you an idea of what it is like to 'man' a cross-border, trade show booth  ---

We left home Wednesday, arrived late afternoon Thursday and this is what the 'main barn' looked like Friday as vendors put together their displays.

It requires some thinking -

Sometimes two heads are needed - 

Some searching - 

Below is our booth - Shelridge Yarns - starting to come together.
 Doesn't that person on the left look as if she/he is tearing their hair out?

Eventually it does come together.  By 5pm Friday, all our garments were hung, labelled with name and price.  All kits were appropriately placed close to the display garments.  All signage was up and our booth looked  great.

Saturday started with early shoppers.  The doors open at 9.  We are not supposed to 'sell' before 9. Our first sale took place at 8:15am.

It is fun.  And I am so very grateful that Shelridge Yarns thought of me when they needed a helper.  But even a good thing can  last  only so long.  I gave my notice this trip and have retired.  No gold watch though.  I preferred the lovely, Evelyn Howard shawl kit (Pink shawl above)  that was offered to me.  

Good bye Maryland.  I will miss you next year.  

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