Monday, May 16, 2016

Cowl Cache

2016  - the year of my stash annihilation/acquisition.  Is there a compound word that could mean both?  The year started with me wanting to annihilate my stash but  not even half way through the 365 days, has seen me enhancing it instead.
Cowls are the thing I'm knitting.  The goal being, to use large hunks of yarn for each project.  That should tip the scale towards annihilation but it will, nonetheless,  be far from complete. I can tell that already.

Last week on the trip to and from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I knit three cowls.  All from yarn I grabbed from 'Sue'.  Since arriving  home, I have knit two more.

Funky, unspun, artisnal yarn from Pagewood Farm gave me these two cowls.

 Either love 'em or hate'em cowls, I think.  With 10 stitches, garter stitch and  15mm needles, they hang once round the neck.

A longer, twice-round-the-neck cowl, I knit with two yarns; a commercial, multi-coloured red along with an  artisinal un-spun yellow.  120 stitches on 12mm needles, with  stripes of red garter and yellow YO K2togs.

The long, pinkish one below is knit exactly the same way as the red one above.  This yarn, Online Linie 231, is  a commercial yarn but again with an unspun look 

Below, another cowl with pinkish overtones.  Using three balls of Joy, this one is knit across 30 stitches with 12mm needles, changing  stitch pattern for each ball of yarn.  The first ball was knit in garter stitch, the second ball in stripes of garter and stockinet, while the final ball has   three rows of YO, K2tog every 5 ribs of garter.  It kept me from being bored.

This cache of cowls is intended for my Christmas give-away box.  I am way ahead on the gift prep but lagging way behind on the annihilation.