Monday, May 2, 2016

Margarita Monday

I couldn't resist that title.  How opportune to be knitting a sweater that starts with 'M' as does this day of the week. Who am I to question this gift of alliteration? Especially when there is progress to report?  So Margarita Monday it is. 

After 4 inches of knitting towards the waist from the great divide of sleeve and body, the pattern tells me to start the  waist shaping.  I am almost there.

And the lace is looking fabulous. 
Thankfully, our weather has changed to allow for  some outdoor knitting in bright sunlight.   If there is to be a mistake in the lace caused by distraction, I'd much rather be distracted by chirping birds and budding flowers than television.

There won't be much progress on Margarita this week, as I leave Wednesday morning for Baltimore and the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  Margarita is too easily knit incorrectly  to  be worked while travelling.   Most likely, a couple of the  cowls I plan to knit from Bag Lady Sue's wool will be my car knitting for the trip.