Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Two Rabbit Holes In One Week?

This might be a bit much.  Already deep down a dark hole with my Margarita sweater, I am now about to tumble down another hole.  The Mitered Square Hole.

From time to time, my Ladies With Balls

decide it would be fun to work together on a project.  Same project for all.  Same time frame for all. A  small-group KAL.  Unlike our normal routine where  they bring their own projects to class, work at their own pace and seek help from me for any issues they encounter in their individual projects, today we  start one of the group projects.  This time they have selected Mitered Squares.

This past week, I have been getting ready to help them learn how to do a mitered square. For me, the ex-teacher, that means dissecting the process to death.  Dissecting the process until I learn how to take it apart, see it from beginning to end; see it from easy to complicated; see it from overview to specifics, see where it means to take me and how I should best  get there. I take out all the big words, make sure I begin at the  beginning and make sure I walk step by step through the dark unknown to the well-lit 'Ahaa! moment.  That I hope, will  lead  all knitters to  the finish line, happy and frustration free.

To that end, I have notes for them
and my one and only mitered square project  to use as an example.

Some  want only to learn the technique while others want to learn the technique then apply it to a pattern.  A successful lesson should soon give me some Mitered Square project pictures to show you.

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Sel and Poivre said...

I personally know multiple knitters who, several years ago, fell down the mitred square hole and have never been seen or heard from again! Dangerous ground those squares. Warn your students to be careful!