Monday, April 18, 2016

This Rabbit Hole Is Black

I have fallen down a rabbit hole.  One that is very black.  One that requires much patience on my part. One that makes me take one step forward, two steps backwards.

I am knitting a black sweater -  Margarita by Baby Cocktails.

The sweater, being black,  is challenging  enough but even more so when you consider that the entire sweater back is worked in lace.  Black lace.  
Sober, the knitting of lace in the colour black is daunting enough, I wouldn't want to try it with a few cocktails in me - baby ones or not. 

 The combo of lace in black makes it a daytime knit for me.  A daytime knit sitting in front of a south facing window. No problem.  I can watch my latest Netflix episodic drama, Broadchurch, while I knit. 

No I can't.  If I watch Broadchurch and knit, I make too many mistakes and have to rip back. See my lifeline?  It has been used more than once. 

My Margarita might force me to drink.  Nothing small and babyish either.

1 comment:

kayT said...

At least it has short sleeves.

I do sympathize. My SIL has requested a pair of black socks. Well, at least she has small feet.