Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

A sunny, mild Thursday! What a change and what a great day for kitting.

Babies were on every one's mind this week.  Wilma has knit a teeny, tiny baby hat, with cables no less.
 It is going out west to her daughter.  No, no, no new Grand kids.  The daughter is a teacher and each spring break her school sends a class to Nicaragua on a mission trip.  They help out at an orphanage and the babies there need hats and blankets.  Wilma will have one of each for the class to take.

Sharon and her Mother-in-Law, in town for the big quilt show this weekend, are in awe of the little baby set that Sharon R knit.   

It is  a Cabin Fever pattern. Top down,  cute as can be and next on Sharon's list of 'knits for the baby'.

Sandy has been knitting what she calls Lovies.
Meaning, a baby's favourite, soft and cuddly thing to love.   Knit with chunky yarn, there are side handles - perhaps those are love handles -  as well as ears for the baby to grab onto.  The head will get stuffed and eyes sewn on.  A cute baby toy for Sandy's soon to be born grandchild. A quick and easy evening knit that I can just picture the baby  lovingly dragging everywhere for years.

In spring, we know what a yong man's thoughts turn to.  A knitters thoughts, it appears,  turn to baby knitting. 

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