Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Another Thursday, another storm.  Our weatherman appears not to  like Thursdays.   Thankfully, today's  storm gave us  rain, not ice, and the drive to knit group happened without incident.

Nice to be there, because  our snowbirds, have  returned.  Carol and Sandy, are not like me.  They are  real snowbirds,  - the kind that stay in Florida for 6 months.  Today was their first day back at knit group this spring.  It was great to see them and their knitting.  Sandy has two cute, cute, cute little sleeper outfits for her latest, soon-to-arrive grandchild.

A close-up shot to  show  all the buttons - and buttonholes - Sandy put on this sleeper.

Carol worked on  a pair of red socks.  She said she spent much of the winter knitting socks for everyone in her family.  She has a teenage Grandson who won't wear anything but Grandma's hand knit socks.  Imagine!  A teenager, no less!

Speaking of socks, Jean has another pair on the go.  Another pair of two socks on two circs  - Jean's favoured method.

Sharon too is knitting for baby.  Although Sharon has been blessed with  three, ready-made, step- grand kids, her daughter announced at Easter that she is  expecting her first baby.   Sharon's known for a week and look what has been produced already. 

Sharon R is also in a baby knitting mode.  Here she knits on the blanket that has been her in-between project all winter.

She also knit the cute little baby sweater below, but ran out of yarn just before finishing the cuffs.  The only ball she could find was of a different dye lot and sadly too far off to make the knitter happy.  She has decided to rip those cuffs back and knit them in red to match the buttons.  A great solution, I think.

A great afternoon of knitting and as we left, Sharon R spoke about  the dreary, rainy weather.  Her comment was "What a great afternoon to go home and knit."  Exactly!



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Sel and Poivre said...

It was a great day for yarn-related anything here in T.O. too!