Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Perfectly Perfect.

With spring on the horizon - far-off horizon it seems, as the weather man is predicting another snow storm to come in the next few days - I decided to make a 'fix' to a favourite summer top.

My Cotton Concerto,  I knit last year.  Although it was pretty perfect, I did think another inch of length would make it perfectly perfect.  Since I had a ball of the yarn left over, I thought - "Why not?"

Lengthening a  piece knit top down is easy.  Simply unravel the ribbing and knit more body before re-knitting the ribbing.  Lengthening a piece knit bottom up isn't difficult either, but  does require courage.  You cut off the ribbing, pick up the now-empty stitches of the body and knit down the required extra length before re-knitting the ribbing. So  while most of the piece is knit bottom up, the lower bit is knit top down.  And no, you cannot see the difference.

Following those guidelines, I removed  the ribbing by cutting one stitch and then tediously teasing the yarn from the stitches, one stitch at a time.
When the tail of yarn got too long to tease out of the stitches easily, I'd clip it and resume the  tedium.  This took me one entire evening.

Then the body stitches were picked up and I began knitting.  I added about an inch and now am into row 3 of an 8 row ribbing. 

If the snow storm prediciton comes true, my summer top will be lengthened and ready to wear  before we even have spring.

PS.  Blogger's spell check isn't working today.  I did my own.  Sorry for any I've missed.


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Sel and Poivre said...

I love this top - courage indeed! I've just now myself been shopping linen for a summer cardi - 'must be something in the bright sun today combined with the cold/snow in the forecast.