Monday, March 28, 2016

Harris Happenings

What has been going on at the Harris House since I last posted.  W-e-l-l---

We woke up to the 'storm of the century' Thursday morning.  A March ice storm.  Never nice.  I did think to try to get to knit group, but after I heard from both Sharon's that they weren't going to venture out of their homes - and they live mere blocks from the library - I decided to stay home for a  Netflix Knitathon.  Quite enjoyable actually.

Between that afternoon of knitting and a 6 hour round trip to Sis' house for the family Easter Dinner, this is  what my needles accomplished.

A small little cowl, called the Ying Yang Cowl by  Laura Olsavsky.

A  cute and quickly knit little cowl that  folds over nicely in front for a bit of extra warmth.  Mine was knit with  yarn,  long ago re-claimed, from a failure of a  knit. A shawl that made me look more Granny-like than I was -  or am -  prepared for.   Koigu yarn I think.  But I could be wrong about that. Colours are much more true in the lower picture.

After the shorty cowl, I grabbed two balls of complementary stash yarn  and cast on 100 stitches with 8mm needles.  Working garter stitch while  alternating colours every few rounds made for  great car knitting.

Again, the colour is more true in the lower photo.  The variegated yarn is a very soft, loosely spun, roving type of yarn whereas the orange is a  curly mohair that tangled frustratingly often.  Both those yarns I am sure were snatched at one of Sandy's Sister Sue's Great Give-Aways.
Both lovely cowls that are inching me forward towards my 2016 goal of stash annihilation. 

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Sel and Poivre said...

Annihilation? All the way to completely gone? As if it never was? I don't have a stash per se but having no yarn save what's currently on the needles? Wow!