Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Izzy Dolls were front and centre again today.  The Meaford knitters have really taken to heart the challenge of knitting dolls for  refugee children.  Needles are flying.

Sharon  gathered  seven dolls together for this photo op.

Doreen is just beginning her first.  Other knitters  encouraged her with a loan of needles  - she left hers at home, but we weren't going to let her get away with that excuse - and gifts of yarn.

Some of these little dolls look so very cute.

Then of course there were some gorgeous knitted (and woven) articles of clothing  being worn today. Ingrid wore this One-Of-A-Kind piece.

The collar becomes a scarf

Ingrid  calls it her global piece.  With  yarns  coming from as far away as South America and  Italy, while the knitting - and the wearing -  happens in Canada, it most certainly deserves its  global label.

Jean wore a wonderful wrap that she wove for the Spinners & Weavers sale.  Lucky for her, the piece didn't sell so now it is hers.

 Jean didn't need to check in with me today to make sure we weren't dressed the same.  I don't have anything that glorious in my wardrobe.

Wilma found time, mid-dolls, to crochet this quick and pretty cowl. 

What a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially at this time of year,  it gives one to knit dolls for some of our newest  Canadians.  Welcome to Canada, people.

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Anonymous said...

I DO come to Canada...every Thursday and look forward to the group of gals! I see a lovely Sitcom Chic Cardigan being modeled as well!
t_a in Massachusetts