Monday, December 14, 2015

Glamorous in Glenora

Glenora #2.  My last completed sweater of 2015.

At Thanksgiving time, my niece - A -  asked if I would knit her another sweater. This would be her  second  sweater request  because last year I knit her Hippie Blue.  Apparently it was enough of a success to warrant asking for this second sweater.  Yippee for me!

She asked for a maroon Glenora - it probably helped that I was wearing my Glenora at the time.  Since my Glenora only took ten days to knit, I set a goal of December 12 to finish this second one.  For some reason this one took longer.  Closer to 20 days.  But after a bit of a marathon last week, it was nonetheless ready to gift by our family get-together on Saturday.

Pattern:  Glenora by Elizabbeth McCarten
Yarn:  Cascade Eco +
Needles: 6.5 mm
Details & Mods:  This version of Glenora, I made using two different sizes. When A tried mine on, I could see that it  fit   through the bust and shoulders but looked a bit skimpy through the hips and in length.  With this in mind, I started the bottom-up pattern in one size larger than mine.  Since all sizes  of this pattern are wider in the hips than through the bust, I just kept decreasing down to the next smallest size to get the upper body width I wanted. 
With a mostly, open front, Glenora,  without short-rows, tends to ride up a bit in the back - the fate of all open-front styles.  The designer accommodates for this, in the pattern,  by a series of short rows.  I felt, though that a few more would really solve the problem.  So I added a couple more short rows et voila!
Other than these specific sizing issues, this second Glenora was knit exactly like my first.

The buttons I should tell you
 were a gift from my knitting buddy Wilma's,  husband.  He is a wood carver of great talent but has only  recently begun to carve buttons.  These  ones are carved from Cherry.  A loved them as did I.  

A second success in gifted sweaters.  Not every knitter can say that!


Anonymous said...

KUDOS! You are one fast gal!t_a

Sigrun said...

Great gift. Love when gifts fit well and are well-received.