Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today the car thermometer read 23' as I drove to knit group.  The same temperature as  Florida, Sharon,  who has family there, told us.  It is amazing that there was any wool to be seen.  But heat doesn't stop our knitters!

With three cowls finished and a scarf in the works Wilma must have  necks on her mind  in this pre Christmas season.  This one -  String of Pearls  -  

is a free ravelry download. With some Madeleinetosh for the main colour, it will be beautiful - and warm.

Then there are the other three cowls she brought to knit group today. An orange one, a pink one, and the grey one she is wearing.

See that gorgeous button on the grey one?
Her husband made that.   I just might have to commission some of those.

Gail is busy knitting things for her Church Bazaar.  Today she brought two hats slated for the Bazaar to show us.  Patons Classic in blue and black with a rolled hem.  

Gail has the movie star look with her dark glasses.  She had just come in from across the street where she had run to buy more yarn.  Hard to knit when you forget your yarn at home.

Sharon finished the Yarnharlot's An Unoriginal Hat. Another free pattern on ravelry.

Unfortunately,  Sharon's is too small.  A second attempt next week, she says.

Ingrid arrived today wearing a gorgeous vest.  Pieces like this, I cannot wear.  They  swamp me.  At 5 feet, I'm too short to carry them off.  But Ingrid does it easily and well.  It is beautiful, Ingrid.

Ingrid and Wilma today proved that it is important to use spectacular buttons.  These are metal and heavy enough that Ingrid adapted her edging to support them.  

Lots of wooly lovelies today. Just imagine when the cooler temperatures arrive!

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