Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three TImes The Charm? Ha!

Whatever  Irishman said  'three times the charm' certainly has never knit Snowflake.  Thinking I  was going to be lucky enough to finish the 32 rows of lace in the yoke of Snowflake  with only one rip back, was way short of the truth. There have now been multiple rip backs.  Sadly too,  I learned after the first one that the rip backs have to be done stitch by stitch. 

For my troubles and multiple rips, I'm not sure whether  I should blame the Irishman, the pattern, my sinuses which drip  and ache each time I bend my head or Father Brown.  I thought the Father Brown mystery series on Netflix was benign enough - and that I was clever enough -  to allow for lace knitting while watching.  I'm here to tell you it isn't so.

But today I see no mistakes in this re-knit work.

Hurray!  If anyone out there notices errors in these close up shots, please keep it to yourself.  

More importantly,  concerning the pattern, I seem finally to 'get it'.  There are only 2 more lace rows to work - surely I can keep my mind focused and not get too cocky.   Here's hoping.

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Needles said...

Lace can be a real bugger to work, sometimes. I feel for you.