Monday, November 2, 2015

Enough Already

November.   Although the next few days are reported to be warmer than usual, I know it soon will be time to wear my winter duds.  That means removing the summer tees, sandals and sundresses from the closet and installing the heavier skirts, closed toe shoes  and of course - my wool sweaters.

In transferring the sweaters from their summer storage boxes to the closet, it occurred to me that maybe I have enough.  Six cardigans.  Four pullovers.  One vest.  An eleven day wardrobe right there.

Then I realized I had forgotten to include these latest additions to my fall closet.

I can look at each one and  fondly recall the knitting.  Even when there were struggles - poorly written patterns,  getting the finished to replicate the vision, lace charts that baffled,  limping to the finish line in the Olympic challenge  -  the  memories are fond.  The feel of quality yarn in the hand, the finished product that fits and flatters and the many, many hours of time  well spent.

But I do have to ask myself - is this enough already?


Liz in the States said...

Yep. I reached that point with shawls. Socks are ongoing, because they wear out.

That's when I looked toward charity knitting. Lapghans, and small, light stay-on shoulder shawls for nursing homes and 'shut-ins'. Mitts, hats, scarves for kids. Through church mostly, handed out at food banks, and also taken to schools. So many kids come to school under-dressed for cold weather, and even well-prepared kids still lose (or soak) their 'woolly mittens' regularly.

Oh, and I enjoy making afghans/blankets for us, and for gifts, too.

All that to say, I know what you mean. :)

Anonymous said...

You have quite a wardrobe there, Brenda!
I also hear ya..I have more slouch beret and scarf sets than I know what to do with other than to leave them in the vacuum storage bags they are in.There are just so many one can wear. I am reluctant to donate to charity ...not a good thing if I don't use them. It is called ADDICTION. t_a