Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

No day late and a dollar short this week.  Thursday is happening on Thursday.

Back home from her western summer, is Wilma.
 She has the Painted Desert shawl  on her needles.  Started before departing for Alberta and B.C. but left at home.  She said she was struggling with the pattern and left the shawl at home  in favour of easier 'knit & navigate' projects.  In this brightly coloured sock yarn, the shawl indeed looks like a painted desert and pattern struggles seem to be behind her now.

Sharon, last week,  told us that she was spending her free time weaving.  Getting ready for the November Guild show.  
 Wow, she was busy indeed.  These are gorgeous, Sharon.  Some woven with hand-dyed Tencel yarn.  The Grey one worked with Patons Lace yarn. 

Little Ruth came to knitting today. 
The first thing she told me was   "Brenda, I am a widow, now." 
Knowing that Ruth was divorced from her first husband and  separated from her second husband, I was curious about which of those men had left her a widow. The second husband, she said.  The one from whom she was separated.  And there was not a bit of sadness in her attitude at all.  Grinning from ear to ear, in fact, she was.  Ruth makes me smile.  No spring chicken, but no moss growing under her feet either.

She managed to pick up a bag of Kroy FX sock yarn at Stedman's yarn tent sale in July.  6 balls for $15.00.  The socks are cheerful for sure. I love them.

Gail has a sweater started for a grand daughter.
 A Knitting a Pure & Simple pattern gail is working with James Brett Marble yarn.

Sharon R spent her time picking up stitches along the fronts of her summer 'tee'. 
Not the first   %^$#@*   time I've  done this she said. But just think, Sharon.  It is only new to you once.

We missed Sandy B today as she is spending the week at her daughter's cottage. With this   cool, rainy weather she is  enjoying lots of knitting time, I'm sure.  I can't wait to see what finished pieces she brings back to show us.  

Cool weather.  Knitters back from vacation.  Feels like fall.  I'm expecting to see  'wool' any day soon.

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Anonymous said...

i am with sharon..i hate seaming and picking up for sleeves and bands.but in the end patience pays off.